Here’s to a new adventure…


Hello everyone! I have been super absent on my blog because I have been taking on another adventure in my life.

Youtube is something that as a teenager I went on to watch the new Jonas Brother music videos. However, as a young adult I see nothing but opportunity. Even though I am not an exceptional singer, dancer, or any other rare talent, I am creating an opportunity for my self by creating something that essentially contains little to no talent but being myself.

Tyler and I have embarked on a journey of something called “vlogging.” Okay, I know right now you’re thinking. WHAT IS THAT?

Here is the urban dictionary definition: A blog that uses digital videos as entries instead of text. A video log. A journalistic video documentation on the web of a person’s life, thoughts, opinions, and interests. A vlog can be topical and timeless, instructional and entertaining. The main thread is trying to communicate on a personal level with your audience.

Yes, right now you’re probably still like what? It’s a little weird at first admitting we film our days and post it on the internet for everyone to see. Although, we like to think of it more like home movies we get to edit. Vlogging is a huge opportunity we both want to explore. People make millions a year from simply filming themselves everyday. It is so much more than the money though, memories that I can look back and watch and relive moments is such a cool thing to me. I have also learned how to edit videos and actually really enjoy doing it.

I’d like to think that after reading this everyone is totally cool with this and not at all weirded out. So go ahead and have your reservations, but we’re doing something we really enjoy and have some friends that do it too. While we are just starting, we would like to establish ourselves on Youtube before we announce it to friends and extended family. So stay tuned to one day experience our lives through video.


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