It’s October!!!


I can hardly contain my excitement. October is literally my favorite month of the year! Why? Because Halloween, that’s why! It’s my favorite! I love all of the spooky, festive, Fall activities that come along with this month. Also, if you didn’t know, I am a pumpkin spice queen. From pumpkin spice latte to pumpkin spice almonds, your girl has to try them all! We have two traditions that we have done for the past 5 years during Halloween time that I am so excited to do within these next few weeks.

First, we go to Cal Poly Pomona’s annual pumpkin festival. Since we live here in Los Angeles where we hardly experience Fall, going to this event makes it feel a little more festive. At this festival you take your own wagon and search through the fields and pick your pumpkin. All pumpkins are $5 dollars, so I love searching the fields for the biggest one that I can find. Also, they have an abundance of food trucks, arts and crafts, a corn field maze and more! I also recommend going into the Kellogg’s ranch farm store and picking up a gallon of their freshly made orange juice. So yummy!


Second, we go to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. People think that I am crazy for paying money to get scared but for some reason I love the thrill of it. Ever since I was a kid I’ve always loved horror movies. Out of all of the local scare events I personally like Universal Studios the best. It’s a movie company, so the mazes are current horror movies and the makeup/costume are so realistic. We already bought our tickets and I am counting down the days until we go!

On Halloween night, I don’t like to go out or go to parties. I like to put on a comfy pair of pajamas, pass out candy, and watch scary movies. I mean — does it really get any better than that?

Once again, I am so excited for all of the events, decorations, and recipes that are to come this month. I am planning on making some DIY decorations and some recipes so stay tuned for that! I like to fully embrace this month so I am going to commit to start blogging more. Until next time, xoxo.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. tlegan says:

    I love it! Just not the scary stuff , lol.
    My favorites are candles , candles and more candles!
    Cooking, baking and sharing all my recipes with my grandkids @BrittanyannAlamillo
    💋💞 Grammy

  2. Yay for October!!! I love that red flannel shirt you’re wearing in your pic- where did you find it? Too cute!
    ❤ Smitha

    1. Thank you so much!! I actually got it at a thrift store! But I see them everywhere!!! 🙂

      1. Ohh yours is perfect! I’ll check around, I’m so picky!

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