Pumpkin Patch Fun



As you may recall, in a recent blog post I mentioned a few traditional events that I do during Fall time. We did one of those events this past weekend! We went to the Cal Poly Pomona Pumpkin Festival. You’re probably thinking, “what is so special about another pumpkin patch?” Well, like I said before, it makes it feel a little  more festive here in Los Angeles in our 90 degree weather. Luckily, it was a gloomy day, but as we were leaving the sun broke through and the heat began. There is so much to do for all ages at the festival and it’s such a great time. Here are my thoughts on this year’s event:


The Pros

  • Variety and amount of pumpkins in the field: Big or small, all pumpkins are $5. So, it makes it fun to search the fields for the biggest one you can find.
  • The Experience:  It felt a little more festive by actually taking a wagon and walking through fields rather than going to a grocery store or a “pumpkin patch” in an vacant parking lot.
  • The Food: There is such a huge selection, from The Habit food truck, to bacon wrapped hotdogs, to Funnel Cake.
  • The Small Business support: Little tents from jewelry to farmer’s markets are open and usually giving samples. If you know me, I’d rather support a small business over a corporate business any day.
  • The Corn Maze and Petting Zoo: I mean, if that doesn’t scream Fall I don’t know what does.
  • The Live Band: What’s a festival without some live music?
  • “The” Orange Juice: Fortunately, this is not just a seasonal thing. Inside the Kellogg Ranch Farm Store they have freshly squeezed orange juice. I’m not kidding you, the orange juice machine press is right there, they fill it up right in front of you and put it on ice. I promise you, it’s THE BEST orange juice you’ll ever have.

The Cons

  • Admission: This was my fifth consecutive year coming and never have they charged an admission fee before. Even though it was a very small amount, ($2 children $4 adults) to me that ruins the community atmosphere and makes it feel like it’s all about the money. That price adds up for big families and a day at the festival becomes pricy. I actually just took another look at the website and it looks like they charged for only that weekend which makes me a little more disappointed.
  • The Parking: Every year I’ve come the parking has gradually become worse and worse. There was hardly any direction on where to go, most lots had cones in front of them, and there were motor officers ready to ticket. We ended up having to park about a mile and a half away, which may I add, was a pain having to hold 5 gigantic pumpkins from falling out of the wagon.

Nonetheless, we still had a great time. We took lots of pictures, got our orange juice, and left with the biggest pumpkins we could find. After browsing the website once more it looks like it is still open until the 30th and admission is now free. I’m not too sure you’ll have as big as a selection that we did, but it’s a fun little trip.


Until next time,



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