Hello, December!

I can hardly believe that we are coming very close to 2016– let alone Christmas time. With the exception of the madness of holiday shoppers and the need for more funds to buy loved ones gifts, it’s actually a pretty magical time of year. Everyone has traditions that they participate during this time of year. Here are a few things that we like to do:

Ice Skating

Living in Los Angeles takes away from the festive feel of a “White Christmas” so this is the next best thing. We like to go to the Pasadena Ice Skating rink. On regular public skate days it’s $14 for admission including skates. However, we like to go to the cheap skate sessions. They are usually from 7pm- 9:30pm. It is $10 including skates. I skate like a newborn calf walking for the first time, but it’s fun!

Christmas Lights (Looking)

Every year it is a priority to make our way up to Hastings Ranch. We put on our jammies, make hot cocoa, and put on some Christmas Music. Hastings Ranch is a neighborhood in Sierra Madre where the whole neighborhood participates in decorating houses. Some streets have themes, but they are all really cool. You drive up and down the streets and even walk if you want. We like to go during the week because there is less traffic to look at the lights. After Hastings Ranch, we like to also go to the Balian’s Mansion and Christmas Tree Lane. It makes for a great date night/family night!


I mean if you know us at all, we are avid Disneyland fans. Christmas time is our favorite season at Disneyland. I know it’s a little pricey and not all can afford it but it is something you have to experience at least once. I can’t really explain it other than– magical. I’m sure it could even make the Grinch happy. Some of the rides are decorated, the park is decked out, the Christmas Parade, the firework show, and the World of Color are all aspects that make it so special. If you saw my last post, I showed some pictures of the decorations that I took during my last visit.

The Christmas Tree

I know a lot of people who go the day after Thanksgiving or even the first week of December to get their Christmas trees, however, that is not me. I wait until about a week before Christmas to go get mine. I’ve come to learn that the earlier you get it before Christmas, the more crunchy it is on Christmas day. That may be fine to some people but I like my tree being fresh and fragrant the week of Christmas. We go down to Home Depot and pick the perfect tree. Well, I do. I actually annoy everyone because I can literally find something wrong with every one until I find my perfect one. We then take it home, have a pajama party with our cider, and dance around to holiday music while we decorate the tree.

Finding our Ornament

This is more of mine and Tyler’s tradition that not a lot of people know about. Every year Tyler and I get an ornament together and label it with the date. We hope that one day we are able to decorate our own tree and look back through all of the years of ornaments that we shared together. It’s a fun tradition that I know we will continue to do for many years.


These are only a few of the many fun things that we do during the month of December. This year we hope to get the chance to see the LA Zoo Lights, the Newport Beach Boat Parade, and hopefully go snowboarding. If you live in the LA area, hopefully this gave you a few ideas and some holiday inspiration. Hope each and every one of you have a happy and safe holiday season. xoxo.


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