New Years 2016

Holy moly, I can’t believe how fast 2015 flew by. 2015 was definitely a great year for me. I transferred to a University, I took a couple trips, I turned 21, and created so many great memories. When a new year approaches, you start to see people posting, “new year, new me.” I get it, I do. The fresh start of a new year. However, we should be working on our fitness, ridding our life of negative people, and spending more time with family all year round. I’m all for working at making yourself a better person so here are some fun things I am calling my resolutions for this upcoming year.

Taking More Pictures

Having a nice camera makes this easy. I know that years from now I will cherish all of the pictures I have/will take throughout the years. Tyler and I also got a polaroid camera as a Christmas gift this year. He had a good idea of taking a picture on our polaroid every day of 2016. It’ll be fun to see if we change at all during this next year.

Traveling More

Since we are in our junior year of college, adulthood is coming up quickly around the corner. Before I have to pay my own rent, car, and all other adult responsibilities I want to see the world. For this year, we hope to at least travel to Seattle and go on a couple road trips in the United States. In 2017, we hope to travel out of country!

Being Present in the Moment

All of these social networks are obviously nice, you wouldn’t be reading this right now if it weren’t for them. However, I feel like we become too consumed into them. This year I hope to not be so reliant on my cell phone and even create some sort of “technology free” days where I can fully enjoy little things I may not appreciate while being glued to my phone.

Building My Savings Account

This one is probably one of my top ones. Tyler and I actually created a competition out of it this year. About 7-8 months ago we made a bet agreeing that whoever has more money in their savings account by January 1, 2016 would either owe the other person $50 for their savings account or treat the other to a nice dinner. We were able to save a little over $4,000 each in these past 8 months alone! Not only is it good to be building it, but it makes it fun when it’s a competition! 🙂

I wish everyone a safe, happy, healthy, and prosperous new year! I’ll talk to you all in 2016!


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