I Hate Valentines Day

Hello everyone,

Yes, that dreaded “holiday” is here. I know, it sounds weird that I am so anti-Valentine’s Day being that I am in a long-term relationship. I just think the whole thing is overrated. However, I think the fact that I am such a practical person kills this holiday for me.

I hate going out to places because, for one, everywhere is packed and prices usually are inflated. Last year we tried to go to the zoo a couple days after Valentine’s Day and we sat on the freeway exit for a good 45 minutes, completely stopped, before saying “screw it” and went home. Second, it’s so cliche, but you should love the one you’re with everyday– not just feel obligated to because of a holiday. I think it’s so much more special to have a surprise date night on any other day besides this one. Third, I hate the fact that everything is so expensive. $60 for a dozen of roses? No thanks. I’d rather go to the store the day after Valentine’s Day and get half off chocolate and manager special flowers! Woot Woot! Since Tyler is a sweetheart and absolutely insists that we do something this year. We made a compromise that we would do something fairly inexpensive. He says that “it’s a surprise.” So we will see where he takes me 😉 Blog post to follow w/ the details!

Since Valentine’s Day evidently is one of my least favorite holidays, I practically beg Tyler to spend little to nothing on this day. So, something we have done for these past few years is make “homemade” gifts for each other. It’s more special and fun! Need a last minute gift for a loved one? Stay tuned for a super easy DIY gift that I will be posting !Tyler had given me a few of them for Valentine’s Day a few years ago and we have been making them as gifts for people ever since.



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