Seattle Travel Tips

Hello everyone!

Spring break is officially over and I am beyond sad. However, I did do something over spring break that was definitely out of my norm. Tyler and I took a trip to Seattle! It was Tyler’s first time on a plane and my second time in Seattle. We chose Seattle because it was both a place we were interested in going, it was a good price, and even though I went prior, I don’t remember much other than it being beautiful! Here are a few recommendations I have if you are traveling to Seattle. Now this is just tourist to tourist, I am no Seattle local. We stood there for 4 nights and 4 days, so this is what we had the opportunity to do!

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First and foremost, we booked through Travelocity. They had incredible rates, and for first time travelers like ourselves it makes booking a hotel and flight package easy and affordable. I suggest to browse for anything travel related under a “Private Window.” By doing so your prices will not inflate as you keep looking and browsing through other websites. Websites actually raise up the price if they see you keep looking through the cookies on your computer! We booked at an incredible price at the Hilton Garden Inn with insurance included! Also, I recommend Alaskan Airlines. They are the best!

City Pass

Something I highly, highly, recommend is the City Pass option. It comes at an unbeatable price and access to multiple attractions. It helps you see more of Seattle with keeping money in your pocket. If you look at the website you can see the variety of options you can choose to go for only $75! In addition, a plus is that a majority of these tourist spots aren’t like Disneyland where they charge an arm and a leg for a souvenir picture! They give you a free e-download that is sent straight to your email!

We chose…

Space Needle

Obviously a must. We were lucky enough to go on one of the 30 days a year where it’s so clear you can see Mt. Rainier, it was so breathtaking! The ticket gave us one day and one night admission. Let me just say, the night time is spectacular. Pictures do not do justice! Also, at the top of the needle, you can add yourself to the Space Needle guestbook! It tells you what number visitor you are along with how many miles you traveled to be there! Take advantage of the complimentary photos– one before you get in the elevator, and the other is ON the observation deck!

Chihuly Glass Museum

It’s located right next to the Space Needle so it’s convenient. It’s another one of the top tourists spots and the art is incredible! I’ve never seen anything like it! We also got to see a glass demonstration which was pretty cool!

Seattle Aquarium

It is right on the harbor and a different experience then the one back home! My favorite animal was an otter named Shaska. She is an asthmatic otter whom they showed to use an inhaler at an early age. She know takes her inhaler regularly on her own to suppress her asthma!!!

Woodland Park Zoo

Definitely my favorite zoo that I have ever been thus far. Unfortunately we did not know they closed early on Sundays and got their with 30 minutes until closing. However, we were told we could stay an hour beyond closing so we were actually able to get through the entire park. I saw more active and upclose animals that I have seen in all my trips combined at any zoo! It is so awesome and I LOVED all of the exhibits! I would definitely go back!

Argosy Cruise Harbor Tour

This was pretty cool! We sat on the top deck where the guide was actually talking. You go on an hour cruise around Elliot Bay (8 Miles) and see some pretty amazing views along with some interesting facts! In addition, they have refreshments on the boat to make it a little more enjoyable!

****Other attractions outside of the City Pass that we went to that I recommend…****

  • Pike Place Chowder- Best damn chowder you will ever eat in your life. I promise.
  • Dick’s Burgers- A popular burger place that is beyond cheap!!!
  • Pie Bar- **If you’re 21 or over** Infamous for their fresh handmade pies and cobblers. Also, all of their drink menu is designed after pies! I had an Appletini that was so yummy and had pie crust on the rim!
  • Pike Place Market- Also a must, tons of tiny shops, abundance of testers, and don’t forget the famous fish throwers!
  • Gum Wall- Great photo spot, and you mark your territory by placing your own gum!
  • First Starbucks- We’re not big Starbucks fans, but went to buy our mom’s mugs nonetheless.
  • Seattle Great Wheel- One of the tallest ferris wheels on the West Coast! Beautiful skyline views!
  • Seattle Sounders Soccer Game- Seattle soccer fans are the best! Made me feel like I was in Europe again watching a soccer game! I think that you should attend any Seattle sport team games if you can! Such a great experience! These fans are dedicated!
  • Snowqualmie Falls- Absolutely breath taking! One of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen! I recommend renting a car for atleast a day to see beyond the city. The trees were so green and there is about a mile hike down to the bottom which was so peaceful with the misty rain!
  • Meredith Grey’s House- If you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan, it’s a must. You can pretend you’re an intern! However, there is a woman who has lived there for many years! Please respect her privacy and stay off the property!
  • Kerry Park- Up on Queen Anne Hill, one of the best views of the city hands down!


Again, it was such a great trip and we will definitely be back in the future! Feel free to comment to ask for any questions or suggestions!

Here’s to future travels! XoXo







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