On July 10th 2016, at the Pasadena City Hall,the love of my life got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. It’s incredible to think that I met the love of my life at the age of 16 and we have been inseparable ever since. We complement each other in every way and I am so lucky that he chose me as the person to spend forever with. We basically have been calling each other fiancé at least 156 times a day. I am so excited to plan a wedding and marry the man of my dreams! So stay tuned for more wedding/bridal segments coming in the future.Here are some of the details of the big day and some of the details leading up to it!

The Ring

Tyler and I began browsing for rings about 6 months ago. None of the corporate companies like Zales or Kay felt like they were making the ring for us but rather more concerned with making commission. One day, we went to the Monrovia street fair and saw a little jewelry store called “The Jewelry Box” and met the owner Moses. After talking with him for a little bit he asked if he could schedule an appointment later on in the week to get to know us better. Week after week we went back and met with him while he worked with our budget, gave us all of the honest information about the engagement ring industry, and kept working to find the perfect diamond. Moses made it personal and gave us the time we needed and created a ring completely customized by us.

After we met with him a few times, he got a good idea of what I wanted and I no longer needed to be there anymore. Tyler however kept going back (without my knowledge) and bought the ring two months ago. Side Note: We actually went to another jeweler in Pasadena and I really liked one of the rings there and was telling Tyler how much I liked it. He had to play it cool because he had just bought the other one two days prior.

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I was blown away by how perfect the ring came out. Tyler did such an awesome job and was given an amazing price including the matching wedding band set! This is a halo setting with a cushion cut round diamond in the center.

The Proposal

Tyler put so much work into this and thought out every detail through and through. Tyler told me he had to go into work all day, so naturally, I had a girls day. My best friend, Yesenia, and I had a girls day planned out. We went to lunch, then to get our nails done (which he bought us a gift certificate to do). Earlier that morning my best friend and her boyfriend had went to his house and went over the master plan of the day. Since they were texting all day, her job was to keep me occupied, and I promise you I suspected nothing. After getting our nails done, she asked me if I wanted to go makeup shopping at Ulta (duh!) We went to Ulta and were shopping and I noticed she was taking longer than usual. She immediately asked me in a squeaky voice in which I thought was enthusiasm but now understand it was anxiety, “Wanna go to Target?!” Tyler had told her to stall since he was at my house starting the beginning details of the day.

After Target we went back to my house. As I walked up to my door there was a note that said “Be ready to go by 6:00 pm Love, Tyler….. P.S. Bring Yesenia with you too. We’re all going out.” At first I was like oh okay, he was probably on his way to the gym and is just being cute with a date night. We walk into my room and there is my new long dress on a hanger on the door with a note on it that said “Wear this :)” At this point I was freaking out but didn’t want to feel stupid if this wasn’t the moment I had been waiting for.

At 6pm sharp a car was outside ready to pick up Yesenia and I. We got in the car, not knowing where I was going, I immediately became anxious. As we got off the freeway in Old Town Pasadena, I began thinking of all of the possible places we could be going. The driver let my best friend off on the backside of Pasadena City Hall where she took my purse and phone. That is the second I knew what I would be walking into within the next few minutes. The driver drove me to the front of city hall and said “Good Luck and Congratulations!” I nervously but anxiously got out and began my walk up the staircase. As I reached the top, I spotted Tyler at the end of my route in front of a beautiful fountain with candles creating a path. My heart was racing so fast and to be honest, I felt like I was walking to my proposal in a finale of The Bachelor.

When I got to Tyler, it was like the world froze. I did not realize the other people in the gardens, the photographers, or even my best friend. I saw tears in Tyler’s eyes as he spoke to me and could not believe this moment that I had only once dreamt about unfolding before my eyes.

It was the most thought out, creative, and meaningful moment of my life and I’m so grateful Tyler had contacted our very talented friend Michael to capture the moment.

When’s the date?!

We all know that’s the question everyone is asking the moment you get engaged. Like I said, Tyler and I have worked very hard to create this beautiful life we have together and kind of had a timeline of when we wanted to do certain things in life. We have both decided that we want to get married on our anniversary.

We are both in our senior year of college and are both set to graduate this Spring, so we will both be busy people in these coming months. I want to be able to enjoy, embrace, and not be stressed throughout the process of wedding planning– because people often forget what it’s all really about. As of right now, our date will be May 26, 2018 as our anniversary will land on a Saturday. We will have a little over a year and a half engagement which is the perfect amount of time to finish school, save up some money, and start planning this beautiful day!

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With the help of our friend Michael, we collectively were able to get enough footage to create an engagement video. Tyler and I always talked about creating something special to look back on. Throughout this whole process, he created video diaries for me and vlogged himself searching for the perfect proposal location, picking up the ring, and telling our parents. Being that we both enjoy to create/edit videos we wanted to show everyone a glimpse of “our story” and worked very hard together to create this video using some of that footage Tyler filmed for me. We hope you it makes you smile and feel some of the love that we feel so deeply for each other. Pleas subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay updated with us, share the video with a friend, and give it a thumbs up– It means the world to us. You can also follow all of our wedding adventures on the hashtag #BrittAndTyingTheKnot

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