Bidding a Lovely Tradition Goodbye

One of my most popular blog post on my site was last year was a post about some of Tyler and I’s favorite traditions that we do in the month of October. Now I am a very sentimental person, actually a memory hoarder so this was a super tough decision for me.

For the past six years, Tyler and I have gone to the Cal Poly Pomona Pumpkin patch. We loved the concept of being able to look in a huge field for the perfect pumpkin with our wagon. It made these 100 degree Fall days here in Los Angeles feel like, well, Fall. Over the years it has become increasingly crowded, pumpkin prices have gone up, and they have even begun to charge admission to get into the pumpkin patch. While that bothered us, we knew that the school had to make a profit so we were  okay with supporting that.

However, that is not the reason we have decided to break our annual pumpkin patch trip to the CPP pumpkin festival this year. About a week ago, the event popped up on my Facebook page and I was excited that this event was finally here. However, after further speculating the sponsors, I immediately was taken back that Monsanto was one of the major sponsors of this year’s event. How could a school of agriculture, more so, a school that looks like they allude organic farm to table produce, have such a terrible company sponsor this family event? It is entirely unethical and wrong to me. While this may seem a little silly to some, most people are uneducated about this company, the many companies it owns, or why they are so “bad.” So if you know don’t know about Monsanto, here are some facts..

  • Monsanto is a company that produces chemically engineered seeds that are infused with many toxic chemicals. When we eat non organic foods, we are directly consuming these toxic chemicals straight into our bodies. While many facts point this to cancer and irritable bowel syndrome, the company refuses to take any responsibility.
  • Monsanto’s Roundup is toxic: Roundup is Monsanto’s top selling herbicide and it’s widely used across America. The independent studies of many concerned scientists have linked Monsanto’s Roundup to a wide range of health problems including infertility, lower immune system, cancer and allergies.
  •  Monsanto’s GMO seeds are causing a disaster in US agriculture:  GM crops have been disastrous for farmers in US. A new report by Britain’s Soil Association shows that over the last three years, GM crops have cost the American taxpayers over $12 billion (in farm subsidies).
  • Hiding PCBs and its devastating side effects for many years: The residence of west side of Anniston Alabama had no idea that for more than 40 years, they’ve been the victim of one of the most corrupted businesses in America. Now that PCB is banned, the residents of Anniston know that Monsanto has been dumping millions of  toxic chemical wastes into the open-pit landfill in their neighborhood. keep in mind that the first manufacturing plant of PCBs was in Illinois. Illinois is one of the states in US with high rate of immature birth and fatal death. Monsanto Hid PCB Pollution for Decades
  • Small farmers are pushed out of business: More and more small farms are pushed out of business by greedy corporations like Monsanto. In fact, recently canola fields of a farmer in Canada were contaminated with Monsanto’s GMO Roundup ready canola. Ironically, Monsanto is suing the farmer and forcing him to pay for their Technology Fee (a fee that farmers must pay when growing GM crops). One would wonder if Monsanto should be the one paying fees to farmers as a result of contaminating and damaging the native crops with GMOs.


These facts are just a few of the many, I highly urge you to go out on your own and do your own research. I was lucky enough to take an incredible Environmental Science class which allowed me the privilege to be educated about such an important thing that so many are unaware of. While you may be thinking, “this is crazy, it’s just a pumpkin festival.” Tyler and I refuse to give our business to something so unethical. Change starts with yourself, and by doing something so simple as not attending an event sponsored by someone thing you do not believe in, it’s a start to something greater. Fight for what you truly believe in.

We have found a small family owned farm called “Tanaka Farms”  which will give us that festive fall experience we’re looking for and we are happy to give any small farmer our business. Stay tuned for my blog post of our experience at our new pumpkin patch.

While it is sad to let go of this tradition, there is a point where our ethical beliefs overrule a tradition. It’s bittersweet, but we are both happy with this decision- we are calling it our new “engaged” tradition. 🙂




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