Our Big Bear Getaway

When it comes to vacationing, it can get expensive. When you get snow in California, the price doubles. Just a couple of hours from Los Angeles, you can find yourself in the snowy little town of Big Bear. While I’m sure you can find an abundance of cabins you are able to rent for a little weekend getaway, something that Tyler and I realized that we don’t use enough is his family’s cabin. It’s a perfect little home just a couple hours from home. It’s close to the ski resorts, town, and even the lake. As our final hoorah before beginning our FINAL semester of school, (that’s right, our FINAL semester, SO EXCITING) we planned a 5 day getaway to this little gem. Here are some pictures of our adventures.

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***A little side note- a majority of these pictures are shot with our Canon Rebel T6i (best investment ever!), our Sony Alpha 5000, and our GoPro Hero 4.***


The first day we arrived, we got there in the evening so we didn’t do much but settle in and make dinner– so not much adventure on our first day. Unless you consider sitting in traffic for 2.5 hours going up the mountain picturesque, not many photos were taken on this day 😉


On our second day, we wanted to explore the mountains and drove down highway 38 which is known as “The Rim Of The World.” Due to the snow, a lot of the campgrounds were closed so we just pulled off the road wherever we saw a great view. Since the storm was rolling in, it was FREEZING with gusts of wind, which almost blew over us and our tripod/camera. Sometimes the best things in life come with exploring and I’m so glad we did. The spectacular views of the snow capped mountains were such an incredible and unforgettable view.



On the third day, unfortunately, was the peak of my cold–Only I get sick the day we leave on vacation! Tyler had been talking about snowboarding for weeks and I didn’t want to ruin that for him. Tyler spent the day snowboarding while I sat in the toasty lodge and made my own bed in the back of our car. I’m so bummed I didn’t get to snowboard with him but I had absolutely zero energy and the cold air would’ve probably made me even more sick. Nonetheless, he had a great time and I’m so extremely happy he was able to do it.



On this day, I woke up a little disappointed. The weather forecast indicated that we would have snow during the early morning through the early afternoon, however, we only had some rain for a few hours. I was so excited to see snow fall for the first time and was bummed knowing that we were leaving the next day and I wouldn’t get the chance to see it. We really didn’t have any plans this day. Over breakfast we decided that we would explore again and venture down the mountain a few miles and see if we could find a snowy hill that we were able to use our new sled on! Sure enough we found this hill inside snow valley right next to Snow Summit Resort. We noticed a few cars parked in an empty parking lot and decided to see what was going on. Seeing kids speeding down the hill in sled, we decided this was our sledding spot for the day.

There was a large span of hillside, therefore, we had a whole section to ourselves. We were so surprised to learn that the snow was a couple feet deep and our feet were literally sinking in while walking through it (SO exhausting). We decided to just bring our GoPro with us, being that it’s our only waterproof camera. We didn’t get many pictures but we have some great video footage which you can watch on our vlog on our Youtube channel in a few days!

Finally, we crossed something off of my bucket list- we built our very own snowman! People, let me tell you, it is SO much harder than it looks. Maybe because the surface of the snow was icy from the rain that morning… but I was struggling. He was a small little snowman, but he was perfect. On our way back up the mountain we found this lookout point that was absolutely breathtaking. We pulled over and just admired how beautiful it was and noticed that at the top of the mountains the trees were frozen! It was the craziest thing, it reminded me of the movie Frozen! (picture down below!)



On this day snow was predicted once again, but come on, are the newscasters ever really right? Preparing myself for another disappointment like the previous day, I put in my mind that we would just wake up to more rain and that we would come back another time so I could finally see falling snow. However, at 7:30 a.m. a little part of me was still giddy about seeing snow, so I hopped straight out of bed and peeked out the window. I gasped when I saw the falling snow and white ground and trees around me. I screamed, “TYLER!!! IT’S SNOWING!!!!” ran for my snow coat and uggs and ran out the door and just stared at the sky. If you have never seen snow, it is the most beautiful, graceful thing ever! I would go inside for a few minutes then put my coat back on and head back outside. So, what do you do when your a California girl and it is your first time seeing snow fall? You go outside and have your fiancé be your photographer!!! Guess what people… ANOTHER item checked off of my bucket list!

Sad that we had to leave just as the snow starting falling, I noticed that the snow fall was picking up and was getting a little nervous to leave since we had no experience driving in the snow. As we started making our way down the mountain, the snow was quickly coming down, with high winds, and very little visibility beyond a few cars in front of us. People were stuck in the snow on the sides of the roads and it was such a scary experience. Tyler did such a great job driving down and luckily we were in a caravan of several cars. Seeing the bright white forests and mountains around me just completely put me in disbelief that anything could be this beautiful. As we neared the bottom of the mountain, there were about 50 cars pulled over attempting to put on chains since they were now required to go up the mountain- the snow storm was no joke especially seeing on the news the next day that the power was knocked out and people were completely snowed in


It was such a great little getaway and a perfect escape from reality. Everyday with Tyler is truly an adventure and it is such a blessing to be able to experience the world with him and consistently crossing things off of my bucket list. Can’t wait for our next trip!

Hope you enjoyed!




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