Life Update- March 2017

Hello everyone! I have been so very busy with school, that I haven’t gotten a change to blog lately. Today’s blogpost will be a quick life update of what is currently happening in my life.


The biggest cause of my stress and lack of free time these days. As you may know, I am currently in my final semester of school for my undergraduate. I am currently taking 5 classes which is over full-time status (full-time is 4 classes). As if five classes isn’t tough enough, they are composed of Intro to Communication (I forgot to take it in the beginning, whoops!), Rhetoric, Environmental Communication, Performance Studies, and last but not least, my senior capstone/ senior thesis research paper! I know, even just reading all of these classes gives me a little bit of anxiety and makes me question how I do it, but I know one day I’ll look back and say “I was a bad ass!” For a little bit, I was super unmotivated because of the little thing we call “Senioritis.” It is a real problem people!!! I woke up a few mornings ago with a sense of peace and clarity that I could do it and gained my confidence back. Only 77 days left until graduation!

Engagement Party

On February 25, 2017 we decided to have an engagement party. I debated for a while if it was even worth it to have one since we have been engaged for seven months now (I know, where does time go?!) There isn’t really a timeline for long engagements so I guess you do whatever you please. We realized that our entire families hadn’t been in one place at one time, so sooner rather than later was better. Coincidentally, we realized that February 25th landed on a Saturday which happened to be the exact day we went on our very first date six years ago. So, we celebrated on such a special day for us with our closest friends and family. We planned it ourselves and I stressed Tyler out with one too many Pinterest projects, but it all worked out well. WE EVEN HAD OUR OWN SNAPCHAT FILTER! Which was super exciting for me.To be completely honest, so much more beautiful than I truly thought it would. Everyone got along, food was great, decorations were successes, and for the most part everyone was able to come. I actually pulled Tyler aside during the party and told him how loved and happy I felt. I made a Spotify playlist for the party which you can listen to here and here are a few pictures from the party. Yes, Tyler and his father made that beautiful photo backdrop from scratch and all of the decorations are also handmade!

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We got our first car together

We knew this day would come and have been browsing through cars since my current lease expires in April. We hadn’t been pressed on finding a car since it was a month away but came across this unbeatable deal and had to go for it. We didn’t have a particular car in mind, but just wanted something with a low monthly payment since we have wedding related expenses as well as planning to move out this Summer/Fall. We test-drove both the Chevy Equinox and the Chevy Cruise and decided that we really didn’t need an SUV quite yet in life, since it is just the both of us, and decided we would be saving money in gas with the Cruise. So, March 4,2017 we brought home a 2017 Chevy Cruise! I am astonished by the amount of technology in that car! It has wifi in the car, tells you to check the backseat before getting out if the sensor detects anything in the back, mirrors your iPhone screen onto the touchscreen monitor, and so much more!!! Here are some pictures of our new baby!


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That is all of the bigger life updates that have been going on in my life recently. Until next time! XoXo



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