Road Trip 2017

Hello everyone!

If you follow me on Instagram you know that Tyler and I recently went on a road trip in celebration of our recent graduation and anniversary! We initially wanted to begin in Sacramento and work our way down to Santa Barbara, but ultimately decided to do San Franciso, Big Sur, then to Arroyo Grande. We vlogged our whole trip and are currently working on a travel diary which you can find on our Youtube page here! We also invested in a new lense for our Canon (a 50mm) and finally had the opportunity to play with it and we are in LOVE! I decided to share my favorite pictures from our trip with some fun details! I hope you enjoy!


Our first stop of the trip was in San Francisco for 3 days! Neither one of us had ever visited there and decided it was time. We did the typical tourist destinations such as Land’s End, Twin Peaks, Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, The Painted Ladies, The Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, Ghirardelli Square and more. How did we like it? To be honest, we didn’t love it. I’m so glad we decided to stay outside of the downtown area near the airport because it was a nice break from the loud and dirty city! We were super excited to try out the seafood because of the hype of Fisherman’s Wharf, however, we were extremely disappointed. We paid close to $50 for two clam chowder bread bowls, a crab sandwich, and fish and chips– it was terrible. I hate to be a negative Nancy but I guess we had high expectations after tasting Seattle’s street seafood. We also realized that the traffic over there is just as bad if not worse than LA traffic. *Beware* We got a letter in the mail for a balance we owed for driving over the Golden Gate Bridge twice since it’s a toll road!!! Fortunately, the photo spots we visited were breathtaking. I would highly recommend taking the hike to Land’s End and driving to Battery Spencer and Twin Peaks to get the best views and photos. However, we certainly enjoyed laying on the grass in Alamo Square with hundreds of others admiring The Painted Ladies and humming the Full House theme song, watching the sunset on a cliff next to the Golden Gate Bridge at Battery Spencer, and indulging in a sundae from Ghirardelli Square.

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Our second stop on the trip was to Big Sur. This is a spot I have been wanting to visit for YEARS. We were hoping to get to see the infamous waterfall that falls on the beach at Julia Pfeiffer State Beach, however, due to the recent landslide, 20+ miles of highway 1 is closed, including the road to this beach. We made it as far as Big Sur Lodge and went into the general store where we were given a map of the prettiest spots for our way out. Fortunately, we were able to see Bixby Bridge and a few other spots, however, there were gusts of probably 60 mph winds so it made it hard to take pictures! Although, the spots that we were able to see were absolutely beautiful. The water is the bluest of blue and the views look like fake backdrops. We decided that we will have to make a camping trip up there when the roads open up again to fully appreciate it’s beauty!

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Arroyo Grande has and will always be such a special place to Tyler and I. It was the place where we really took our first vacation together to celebrate our anniversary some years ago. We love the Central Coast and Pismo Beach is such a hidden gem. Since we have stood here a few times together already, we really wanted to relax, being that it was our finals days of our trip. We also decided to use Airbnb for the first time and had such a great experience. We stood in a back house that was beautifully decorated and felt like home. The host was so thoughtful as she included two beach cruisers, a keurig with coffee and two mugs (Because COFFEE, DUH), and just so many thoughtful little details.

On the first night, we did what we do best and found the best underrated local pizza shop, brought it back, and watched a movie. The next day, we laid out by the beach (it was perfect weather) and ended the night by going to Splash Cafe, which if you don’t know, has one of the BEST clam chowders I’ve tasted closely following Pike Place Chowder in Seattle! The second day, we went to one of our favorite spots, Sycamore Mineral Springs, where you get your own little private hot spring tucked in a hillside. You are able to bring in your own snacks and drinks, so naturally we had to have mimosas, bagels, and iced coffee!  Later that day, we went on a wine tasting tour at Talley Vineyards, which we came to learn that the Talley family owns a good portion of Arroyo Grande Valley. Interestingly enough, they are one of the biggest producers of Bell Peppers in the United States! Since it was a weekday, Tyler and I were the only people on the tour, therefore, it was super intimate and we were able to ask all the questions that we wanted. At the end of the tour, we went into the tasting room and got to try “Bishop’s Peak Cabernet Sauvignon- Paso Robles 2015.” Usually I am not a big fan of red wines but I fell in love with this one. Talley Vineyards gets grapes shipped over from Paso Robles to mix with their grapes. As a result of a huge fire in Big Sur at the time when this particular batch of grapes were growing (2014 or 2015?), the smoke covered the vines. In this wine, you can literally taste the smoke of the fire and it is so wild! We HAD to buy a bottle and are definitely considering on buying a couple more due to the uniqueness of this particular wine! On the morning we left, we got up early, got coffee, and walked up and down the beach finding the best sand dollars and shells which was such a fun way to end this trip

I am so glad we chose somewhere we love to conclude our road trip. Nothing beats Splash Cafe chowder and walking up and down the beach searching for Sand Dollars. It was such a great trip to celebrate such monumental landmarks in our life.

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